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Motto: Pretty and elegant identification of your company or service.


We provide several kinds of identifications of your company or service provided by you.


Embroidery: - 


We provide two types of embroidery:


  • Monochromatic text embroidery – we offer 3 types of text embroidery, text up to 25 letters. In texts over 25 letters, personal consulting needed.


Embroidery size

Small text up to 8 mm

Medium text up to

12 mm

Large text up to 19 mm

Embroidery price

1,80 €

2,59 €

3,29 €




  • Embroidery of a logo ( multi-color ) – All embroideries are designed by you. You choose colours and shape of your logo or company name. We advice you to consult all of your wishes with us. We offer 3 basic types of embroidery size. It is neccesary to consider a basic fee in value of 79,- €.


Embroidery size

Small embroidery 90 x 35 mm

Medium embroidery 90 x 55 mm

Large embroidery 90 x 90 mm

Embroidery price

2,99 €

3,59 €

4,29 €




Cloth printing


We can do cloth printing on any garment in order of your preferences or ideas e.t.c.

Arrange an appointment with us to choose cloth, type and color of cloth printing!